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How to Block Websites on Android Phones [Rooted/Unrooted]

Here's how to block websites on Android smartphones and tablets . Are you fed up with annoying pop-ups and ads that appear in the middle of surfing? Rest assured! You can easily block away the websites on your Android phone by making some minor adjustments to your phone's settings. Blocking websites gives you several benefits and some to mention are, Get rid of annoying pop-up windows Distract free browsing Safe from malware and viruses Blocking Websites on Android: Below we have shared methods to block any website on the Android phone, both rooted and unrooted devices. Method 1: Using ES File Explorer [Rooted Device] You can control access at site level on your phone using ES File Explorer. It will help you block sites via host files. The method requires a file manager and text editor. Visit the Playstore, download and install the ES File Explorer app. Start the application, go to the home page and tap on '/' option. Look for the folder