How to Increase/Decrease Font Size on Kindle Fire

Here's how to increase or decrease font size on your kindle fire tablet. Fire OS has a clean user interface and no one can deny it. But the tablet fonts are kept ridiculously small that you have to squint your eyes to read the menu items. To keep more menu items visible on the screen, the default text size is made small. But you are free to increase and decrease the font size and it won't affect the size of the icons. Changing the size of the text is very easy in kindle fire and we will see how to do it. Change Font Size on Kindle Fire: Although the earlier versions of Fire OS don't provide option to change font-size, the later versions do. Just swipe down the fire tablet from the top to reveal quick settings. From there go to 'Settings' and choose the 'Display & Sounds' option. In the next window, scroll down to the bottom and tap 'Font Size' . The default font-size is '1' and you can configure it up to '3' maximu

12 Best PDF Search Engines to Find Free PDF eBooks

Looking for a PDF? Here is the list of the best pdf search engines on the internet that will help you find the high quality PDF books and documents easily. The use of regular search engines like Google , Bing to find pdf files is a time-consuming task. Plus you have to use advanced search operators to filter out the results to contain only pdf files. Fortunately, there are some good search engines that are dedicated only to pdf search. We can safely say, a PDF Search Engine is a book search engine that searches for websites, forums, message boards and other web resources for pdf files. They will make your document search faster and only show the results containing pdf files. Top 12 PDF Search Engines: Below we have compiled the list of well-known websites that help you find pdf documents, books and academic papers. 1. PDF Search Engine PDF Search Engine is a popular book search engine that helps you search sites, forums and message boards for pdf files. It has an enorm

How to Block Websites on Android Phones [Rooted/Unrooted]

Here's how to block websites on Android smartphones and tablets . Are you fed up with annoying pop-ups and ads that appear in the middle of surfing? Rest assured! You can easily block away the websites on your Android phone by making some minor adjustments to your phone's settings. Blocking websites gives you several benefits and some to mention are, Get rid of annoying pop-up windows Distract free browsing Safe from malware and viruses Blocking Websites on Android: Below we have shared methods to block any website on the Android phone, both rooted and unrooted devices. Method 1: Using ES File Explorer [Rooted Device] You can control access at site level on your phone using ES File Explorer. It will help you block sites via host files. The method requires a file manager and text editor. Visit the Playstore, download and install the ES File Explorer app. Start the application, go to the home page and tap on '/' option. Look for the folder