12 Best PDF Search Engines to Find Free PDF eBooks

Looking for a PDF? Here is the list of the best pdf search engines on the internet that will help you find the high quality PDF books and documents easily. The use of regular search engines like Google, Bing to find pdf files is a time-consuming task. Plus you have to use advanced search operators to filter out the results to contain only pdf files.

Fortunately, there are some good search engines that are dedicated only to pdf search. We can safely say, a PDF Search Engine is a book search engine that searches for websites, forums, message boards and other web resources for pdf files. They will make your document search faster and only show the results containing pdf files.

best pdf search engine to find ebooks

Top 12 PDF Search Engines:

Below we have compiled the list of well-known websites that help you find pdf documents, books and academic papers.

1. PDF Search Engine

PDF Search Engine is a popular book search engine that helps you search sites, forums and message boards for pdf files. It has an enormous collection of free pdf books which you can search or browse through the directory list.

2. Search PDF

The second on our list is the Search PDF, which is another great PDF search engine. It helps you find and download electronic books, tutorials, academic papers, forms, manuals, etc. in PDF format. Like any other search engine, you can directly go to the website and perform searches. But there is also a Firefox plug-in, which adds a search bar in the browser. You can search from there without even visiting the site.

3. FindPDF

Find PDF is a free book search engine and allows you to search, store and share books as pdf. You can search through countless PDF files, read them online and download for later use.

4. Find PDF Doc

Find PDF Doc is another pdf search engine where you can search for PDF files and e-books. It not only supports PDF but also other popular formats such as DOC, PPT, TXT, SWF etc.

5. Scribd

Scribd is a great site to share documents online that contains a wide collection of electronic books and files in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other popular formats. You can search through unlimited number of ebooks and PDFs, read, download or embed them on your blog or website.

6. FreeFullPDF

This is a PDF search engine dedicated to scientific publications where you can search over 80 million scientific documents. The documents cover a variety of topics that encompass life science, health, physics, engineering, social science and humanities. It offers free access to all types of scientific journals, theses, posters and patents, and allows downloading.

7. soPDF

The soPDF contains tons of free PDF e-books and files for direct downloads. The library contains a large collection of files that exceeds several million. It covers different literatures such as eBooks, manuals, magazine articles, etc.

8. PDFSearchEngine.net

With PDF Search Engine, you can find free PDF eBooks and files and download them to your computer. It allows you to search among millions of PDF collections and other types of documents, such as text, rtf and Microsoft Word files.

9. OpenPDF

This is another ebook website and online pdf viewer. It offers unlimited search, online view and download. You can also install the website's Firefox add-on to search pdfs directly from the browser.

10. PDFSearchEngine.biz

Another good document search site to search, find PDFs and books and download them to computer for free. It supports PDF, Word and Text file formats. It allows you to search for pdf documents in several languages.

11. PDF Drive

PDF Drive is a website where you can download all the latest ebooks and pdf files. The collection includes over 40 million e-books which you can search, bookmark, and share without the interruption of annoying ads. There is no download limit for the electronic books which is a good thing for book lovers.

12. PDFSearchEngine.info

Another good website that helps you to find free pdf books regardless of whether it is an academic, classic or other pdf document. You can simply type in the keyword and let it search. It includes other features such as personalized search and bookmarking.

That completes the list of some good pdf search engines online. Apart from the sites given in the list, there are other less-popular search engines which you can try out. Also don't underestimate the power of big 'G'(Google). Please share this post on social media if you like it.


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